Finding The Courage To Move

Jennifer McDaniel - June 09, 2021
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When I am afraid of stepping out, I know that I need to make that move because it serves as an opportunity for me to be strong and courageous and build my faith muscle.

In this new season of movement, I have learned that God will intentionally move us in a direction to do something or be something that we know we can’t do without him to develop our faith. 

A sign that God is moving you in a new direction is that God told you to do it. He’s told you to make a move. He's told you to move to a new place or a new city. He's told you to move on from that relationship. He's told you to move into a new job. He’s told you to move on from that friendship.

Now, we might hesitate in fear and disobedience because we don’t know how it will work out. But if you don't move when you're supposed to proceed, you become stuck In situations that keep you from being who you designed to be.

When we hear the call to move, we have to take that first step and start walking forward. We take one single step, and then another, and then another, and then another. We trust the process. We may not always know where we're going initially or where we're being led, but we trust the process. We decide to believe that our life is always working for us. Being obedient to doing what we know we should do is not an easy process.  But, when we partner with God, we can be sure that all paths will lead to well-being. 

Movement requires trust and courage. It takes courage to move in the face of uncertainty, and we have to trust  God's process to gather the courage to obey what he is telling us to do. God's plan is a plan that is always working for us. 

And when we know without a doubt that no matter what, no matter how it looks, that our life is always working for us… movement becomes easy. 

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Jennifer McDaniel

Jennifer McDaniel is a well being strategist, ICF accredited professional coach. She has 25+ years of experience as a professional speaker, corporate trainer and a learning development leader in the beauty, health and wellness space.

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