"100 Healthy Women envisions a world where Women of Color reclaim their ancestral role as the custodians of health and wellness within their families and communities"

Once upon a time, in the vibrant heart of a community rich with history and culture, three visionary women—Jennifer McDaniel, Yaneth Acosta, and Angela Williams—came together with a shared dream. United by their personal journeys of transformation and healing, they founded Soul Abode, a beacon of hope and health for women of color.

Our Founding Mission

Driven by a deep-seated belief in the unnecessary nature of disease and the transformative power of optimal living, the founders of Soul Abode embarked on a mission to empower women of color to reclaim their ancestral wisdom. They envisioned a world where these women stood at the forefront of health and wellness, guiding their communities with knowledge, compassion, and strength.


A New Era of Empowerment

Through 100 Healthy Women 

100 Healthy Women believes in the transformative power of unity, education, and holistic living to address the chronic illness crisis in communities of color. Our mission is to empower 1,000 women of color, and eventually tens of thousands, to become vocal advocates and practitioners of natural healing, fostering a movement that transcends generations and borders.

We are committed to creating a decentralized, web3 community where every member holds a stake in our collective well-being. By integrating the principles of distributed ownership and governance, Soul Abode aims to ensure that our members are not only participants but leaders and beneficiaries of our shared vision.

Our community is built on the foundation of holistic living and natural healing, acknowledging that true wellness encompasses the mind, body, spirit, and environment. We will equip our members with educational resources, powerful content, and access to Soul Abode certified holistic and wellness practitioners, nurturing a network of informed, empowered, and vocal women of color.

At the core of 100 Healthy Women lies the revolutionary concept of decentralized, collective well-being. Through NFT membership, our community members gain more than access; they receive a voice in our collective future. Each NFT, a symbol of commitment and belonging, empowers its holder with governance rights, ensuring that every woman's voice is heard, and her vote counts.


Our Promise: Education, Unity, and Leadership

Soul Abode is committed to dismantling the barriers to health and wellness through education, unity, and leadership. By providing our members with resources, content, and access to certified practitioners, we are nurturing an empowered network of advocates for natural healing.


A Legacy of Wellness

100 Healthy Women is more than a community; it is a movement dedicated to redefining health paradigms and promoting longevity in communities of color. We envision a future where our collective voice and actions inspire change, promote wellness, and create a legacy of health and empowerment for generations to come. Join us in this journey to transform lives, heal communities, and foster a world where every woman of color is a beacon of health, wisdom, and wealth."

This is more than a community; it is a movement. A movement that envisions a future where women of color lead their communities in health and wellness, where the legacy of holistic living is passed down through generations, creating a world where everyone thrives.

We invite you to be part of this transformative journey. Join us in redefining health paradigms, promoting longevity, and fostering a legacy of empowerment. With 100 Healthy Women you transform your life, heal your community, and inspire a global shift towards wellness and unity.  Be a part of this revolutionary shift. Your journey to empowerment, health, and holistic wellness starts here.