Getting your kids to exercise just might help you more than them

Angela Williams - May 14, 2020
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What’s more fun than working out with your teenage daughter?!?!  Working out with her with NO Attitude, NO cell phone distraction and NO excuses. LOL. But let’s face it… asking a teenager to workout isn’t appealing to them in the least bit.  There’s a lot of push back and eye rolling. (Well let me speak for myself!) But finding creative ways to get around it will prove to be a win win for you both.  Trust me. 

I don’t know about you but these past few weeks have been incredibly challenging.  I have been so off my routine that I don’t know where to pick back up. So I got this bright idea to use my daughter to support and motivate me to get back into a workout routine… she just doesn’t know it yet.  But you know what? This has me smiling from ear to ear because what it’s really going to do is bring us closer together during this Quarantine AND get her out of her room to exercise. Win Win.


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Tip #1: Use the resources that are available

The challenge is I love running.  My daughter… not so much.  Even though she’s on the track and soccer teams, she’s not crazy about running recreationally. Crazy. I know. So that just means finding some other activities we can do together that are mutually beneficial and rewarding.  One outlet that’s been helpful are the weekly challenges her school posts on their Instagram page to keep their athletes motivated. They are a simple, fun solution to keeping us both accountable.  

Tip #2: We’re in this Together

Another creative way I’ve been able to get her to be more inclined to workout with me is to invite her friends to join. (A sneaky little tactic I used to get her to say.... Okaaaay.) Working out in a group with people you enjoy is not only motivating but equally fun and uplifting. As you exercise, you start to activate endorphins which produce positive feelings, reduce stress, and increase energy levels. So before you know it, these kids are feeling good without even really knowing how.

Tip #3: Speak their language

I have always said that my kids keep me young. They truly are one of the biggest reasons I exercise because I can’t show up for them if I don’t show up for myself. So staying young means speaking their language. And speaking their language means learning to navigate exercise workouts on YouTube, TikTok and other social media platforms. The great thing about that now that we’re all home, is so many of these apps are doing exercise challenges which is a fun way to get your body moving and the perfect way to engage with your kids on a platform that they love and live on.

Tip #4: Retail Therapy always helps

Take an online trip to your favorite store and buy some cute new workout gear.  That's a sure fire way to a teenager's heart and to get them to do just about anything! Check out this cute and affordable windbreaker workout tank  and yoga pants similar to what we're wearing in this post.

Bottom line… start somewhere, have fun and enjoy the moment. When most of us are feeling isolated and restricted during these times, it’s so incredibly important to find ways to stay healthy and to connect with one another… and one of the best way to do that is with exercise. 

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