The Health Benefits of Irish Sea Moss

Jennifer McDaniel - September 01, 2020
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This post is written by our contributing writer, Rae Shields.


As we live with the reality of the Coronavirus, many people are choosing alternative measures to get into a better state of mind but more importantly turning to nature to boost as well as strengthen their immune system. One of the fastest growing and popular superfoods that is on the cusp of everyone's lips is chondrus crispus or irish moss otherwise known as sea moss.  What is sea moss? 

Sea moss is a species of algae that is found in the beautiful waters of the Caribbean as well as in the waters of the Atlantic and it has been around since the beginning of time.

Historically, sea moss was used as a survival food for many Irish people during the 1840's at the height of the Irish potato famine.  Many families gathered together at the ocean to grab the seamoss washed ashore to be later used in their stews and other dishes. Once again, this nutrient rich food has exploded upon our industry which can be used in multi faceted ways. 



Did you know that our bodies are composed of 102 minerals and sea moss has 92 of them!  The benefits of sea moss are boosting your immune system which allows you to be naturally energized. It rids the body of mucous, aids in healthy thyroid function, digestion which aids in weight loss. It also detoxifies the body, nourishes hair and skin and the list is endless once you incorporate seamoss into your everyday meals and selfcare. 

The vitamins in sea moss such as vitamin A, K, magnesium,  and sulphur all aid to hydrate your skin.  For example, using premade sea moss on your face is a simple way to cleanse your face and applying the cold sea moss can be used as a facial mask. When applied, after 20 minutes, the gel like consistency tightens the skin and all you have to do is rinse it off and yield the benefits of smooth, moisturized and brighter skin. I personally have used this when I have psoriasis flares and it helps to combat the dryness associated with that since sea moss is also antiviral and antibacterial. 

Among our community, sea moss reached great popularity with the teaching of its benefits from Alfredo Darington Bowman, better known as Dr. Sebi, who dedicated his life to educating people about the health benefits of living an alkaline lifestyle as well as the benefits of sea moss. 


To learn about the life and teachings of Dr. Sebi, YouTube has been a great resource of videos of Dr. Sebi and everything that he believed in. You can visit the website to listen to a few podcasts and see what their website store has to offer.


Sea moss can be purchased several ways such as prepped into a gel or in it's raw form as well as capsules.  Individuals like myself enjoy the start to finish process of preparing sea moss and then there are others who want it pre-made because it is a lengthy process and has to be done properly so you can reap its benefits.  I have personally done all three and I must say that having someone prep it for you is very convenient, but you will pay for that laborious work or you can opt to try it in capsule form which is simple, but keep in mind you won't have the multi uses of having a gel that you can use in your everyday routine.

Before you get excited about sea moss, let's get you knowledgeable about where to purchase and from whom and the questions to ask the seller.   

Questions to ask your seller would be: How long have you been a seller of sea moss and are you yourself a user of it?  What region of the country does your sea moss come from?  Do you sell infused sea moss flavors and or products?  How do you ship your premade sea moss?  What days do you ship? 

These are important questions to ask, because your seller needs to be knowledgeable about their product so make sure you thoroughly check out their website and don't be hesitant to ask questions.  Here is a list of black owned businesses that sell sea moss in no particular order, visit everyone and check out their species of sea moss, review their prices and remember to ask questions.




One of the many ways to consume sea moss gel is mixing it into your smoothie.  You won't taste it or see it, but will definitely over time derive the benefits of it.  Making your own sea moss gives you creative freedom to infuse any flavors you want in it whether it be with strawberries, cinnamon or apples or you may prefer it plain so that it can be used as facial since it is a natural collagen.


Scooped into your favorite bowl of oatmeal or in your dishes as you are cooking is another way to incorporate this healthy habit.  The best way I enjoy sea moss is adding a tablespoon right into my herbal tea.  How much sea moss can you consume?  I personally do 1-2 tablespoons per meal and according to Dr. Sebi, the more you consume it, the better it is for you!



Let me give you instructions on how I prepare my sea moss.  You will need at least 1-2 gallons of spring water and key limes. The key limes take away the sea smell so having them is necessary!  I normally buy 4oz of raw sea moss and I use half of that since sea moss doubles in size when rehydrated. Get a huge bowl, loosen your seamoss and add to your bowl, pour in the water to cover the sea moss and then begin to agitate the water so that the sand and salt can float to the bottom.

Repeat this again if necessary until your water is clear.  After sea moss is clear, cover again with the Spring water and add the cut key limes and let it soak at least 24 hours.  In the morning, you will see that the moss doubles in size with a soft and gel like texture. Save the water since it already has the key lime flavor and add your sea moss to your blender a little at a time; depending on the strength of your blender you may have to cut your sea moss into little pieces so it can blend well.

Add one cup of water with the sea moss measuring out a little at a time until you get the consistency you want.  Store in a tight lid glass container or those mason jars because they are airtight and you don’t want any contamination for this electrically charged food. Sea Moss can be stored in the fridge for up to 2 weeks and I have read discussions where people freeze sea moss up to 6 months. You can save the last batch of seamoss water to water your plants or spray in your hair nothing never goes to waste in this process. Be sure to use only filtered or spring water for this process since tap water is full of pollutants.


Rae Shields loves to cook and try plant based dishes and shares her personal knowledge of plant based living on her Facebook page SassyNVegan.  She enjoys vegan wines on the weekend, loves a deal when online shopping and tending to her new hobby of gardening.  Most of all, her relationship with her girlfriends here in Texas as well as online turns into a laughfest as they chat about conquering the daily grind of life and dreaming about their out of rona adventure trip!




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