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yaneth acosta - August 02, 2020
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With the passing of time, your lifestyle and personal experience, both good and bad, can start to show on your face. From your early twenties onwards, every laugh and frown that you express begins to leave its imprint in the form of tiny expression lines around your eyes.  The good news is – it doesn’t have to be like this.

 Aging Underlying Factors

Age-related changes to the delicate skin around the eyes are triggered by several factors including excessive sun exposure, a build up of harmful free radicals, excessive sugar consumption, and a DECREASE in the level of the hormone estrogen. 

How Massage Can Help

Facial massage is a valuable tool in age management.  First of all, massage helps to relax the facial muscles.  Muscular tension can restrict the blood vessels and obstruct the free flow of blood, lymph and other fluids to the tissues, thus reducing the amount of nourishment the skin receives and preventing the removal of waste products. If left unchecked, the area around the eyes begins to show the first signs of aging.

With massage, you can stretch the connective tissue to make space for the muscles to return to the normal size, and releasing tension which shows up in the form of a wrinkle. After a few sessions you’ll feel the tension ebbing away and notice a big difference in the condition of your skin.

Massage can also restore skin suppleness by helping to untangle collagen and elastin fibers, which then improves skin elasticity and helps to lift up the face.  When you massage your face, feel for signs of that might indicate restricted tissue under your fingers. These signs may show up as facial tightness, pain, and knots in the underlying tissue. This may seem difficult at first but, as with all things, practice makes perfect!

Holding back the clock

We have dozens of muscles in our face and, just like other muscles in our body, it is important to use them actively every day to strengthen them and keep them supple and toned. The eyes are in use all day long, and as the windows to the soul they can often show signs of tension. In addition, congested lymph around the eyes can create new lines and deepen existing ones. 

As with any exercise program, with a facial fitness program it’s important to keep to a regular routine and persevere, even when you don’t feel in the mood. Only then will you see a difference. The following eye exercise can help reduce lthe appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and congestion. The skin around this area is very delicate, so be gentle with your touch. Once you start to see a change, I am positive that an eye massage will be part of your everyday skin fitness regimen. 

Let's Begin...

Before beginning an exercise program, always warm up first.  Have a brisk walk, or jog, or run on the spot for five minutes; your skin and muscles are more flexible when they’re warm. Put on loose clothing, make sure the room is warm, and find a firm, comfortable seat. Grab your favorite eye moisturizer, a gel mask or coconut oil to act as massage medium for your massage. 

The Warm Up

Start by losing your shoulders.  Place a hand on each shoulder and move your elbows clockwise, first one at a time then both together. 

Looking straight ahead, slowly tilt your head from one side to the other, until you feel a release of tension around the neck and check area. 


The Routine ( Complete Each Movement 3X's)

  1. Place fingers just above the eyebrow, and then slide upwards and outwards towards the temples in a sliding movement under the eyes toward the inner eye. This movement helps to shorten the stretched eyes muscles and will help to tighten up the tissue. 


  1. Lift eyebrows, starting between the eyebrows, gently work up the forehead alternating fingers smoothing the area out. This movement helps to stretch the connective tissue and reduce the appearance of the expression lines in the forehead area.


  1. Pitch and let go, grasp the skin on either side of the eyebrow and between your fingertips “pitch and go” towards the temple.  This movement releases the tension that can contrbutte to the development of crow’s feet.



  1. Create a V shape with the index and middle finger of each hand and place the fingers on either side of each eyebrow. Starting at the center slide fingers lightly towards the temples. This movement is excellent for draining toxins.


  1. Place the ring finger of each hand to make small circular movements, working from a corner of the eyes towards the eye socket and back to the corner of the eye. This movment stimulates circulation delivering oxygen and nutrients to the skin.


  1. With your fingertips, gently tap over your entire face with raindrop like movements to stimulate blood flow and increase oxygenation of the tissue. This movement gives you a glowing, radiant complexion.



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