How My Definition of Beauty Has Changed

yaneth acosta - June 08, 2021
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My definition of beauty has evolved. 

Anyone who works in the beauty industry will tell you that it’s an inviting, inspiring place full of empowering women, evolving ideas, and the occasionally heated discussion about the merits of one beauty product. I have been blessed to be part of this professional industry for 25+ years. Beauty has been my passion! Researching, developing, training, and sharing beauty/skincare information to make women feel beautiful has been a crucial part of my life. 

And then something shifted. Two and half years ago, I developed the desire to dig deep into my definition of beauty.
I had been around beauty my whole life but never felt that I was indeed part of this beautiful community.  As I look back, I realize that this feeling came from the fact that I didn't see myself reflected in the images and messages of beauty as a woman of color.

It feels crazy to say that I felt left out of the beauty community because so much of it was ingrained into my identity. I should first acknowledge, I was raised in a Latino home where beauty regimens were not practiced because self-care seemed like a selfish act.

How did I pivot from my old beliefs and start understanding and formulating a new perspective on beauty? I would say that the most significant resource I had during this transition were my partner's Jennifer McDaniel and Angela Williams. Together we created a soulful community of sharing and learning about what beauty is. This community among us three became home to unlock our understanding of beauty and redefine it for ourselves and others. The Soul Abode community has changed the trajectory of my understanding of beauty in many ways. Primarily it made me realize beauty is self-care. “Most women of color think self-care is only associated with food and exercise, but it expands beyond this and includes six dimensions of well-being--soul, mindset, movement, connection, feelings, and surroundings. Self-care is rooted in how we view and treat ourselves, what we engage in (conversations, people, etc.), how we interact with others, confront and heal our toxic patterns, and limit toxicity in whatever way it shows up. Self-care encompasses the nourishment of our complete self.

This Self-care journey among us three has flourished to a self-care community of practice for women of color. We want self-care to come naturally and accessible to our community and bridge the gap for women of color in the wellness space. We are thankful every day for the opportunity to educate and inspire women to learn new habits and behaviors that will move them forward to a life rooted in self-care. 
Not only are we recommitting ourselves to self-care, but we are also making it our mission to unlock your personalized roadmap to well-being.

EVERYONE deserves access to a healthier and more fulfilling life. This process begins with defining what beauty means to you and committing to your self-care journey. 

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Yaneth Acosta

Yaneth has brought over 20+ years in the professional beauty industry by developing new business initiatives in the esthetics and wellness industry.

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