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yaneth acosta - November 19, 2020
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We can contemplate that people who are more grateful have higher levels of subjective well-being. When we are grateful, we are happier, less depressed, less stressed, and more satisfied with our lives and relationships.

During the past two years I have been curious about the connection between gratitude and self-acceptance. I have discovered that gratitude is one of our superhero powers; it guides us to a higher level of personal growth. When we are in a state of gratitude, we have more positive ways of coping with life’s difficulties, being more likely to seek support from our loved ones, reinterpret and grow from experiences. Being grateful establishes a life without negativity.

Living a life with gratitude has also fostered physical health in my life. For example, gratitude journaling in the morning, thanking God and my loved ones for all our blessings, I am more inclined to eat healthier food. I feel grateful and feel an obligation to reciprocate the efforts of my loved ones. Therefore, rather than indulge and sacrifice my own health that would dismiss the efforts that my loved ones invest in me, I feel compelled to live a healthier life.

How do we cultivate gratitude?  Over the years I have practiced three simple ways to cultivate gratitude.

First, think of five things that you’re grateful for, and do this on a daily basis. I incorporate this ritual around bedtime. Second, practice finding inspiration. Think of at least one person right now who you are appreciative or grateful for having in your life, as an inspiration. Think about, “what is it about this person that I truly appreciate?” Allow yourself to remain connected with that feeling. Third, nurture the grateful feelings. Text, email, make a date or call that person and share with them what it is about them that you’re appreciative of, or let them know that you’re just grateful for having them in your Life.

The month of November is my favorite month not only because it’s the month that my birthday falls on but it’s the month that draws attention to gratitude.
Thanksgiving is gratitude in action. Gratitude is in full swing, brings peace for the day, and creates a vision for a brighter future. This time of the year gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling in my being, when we spend time with love ones feeling thankful for the things our lives include.

Dictionary.com defines the word gratitude as “showing an appreciation of kindness.” In essence; being thankful is a feeling, and being grateful is an action.

Growing up in a Latino home, gratitude was one of our core beliefs and I recollect my big sister Diana, being our gratitude authority. She would honor the beauty around her through her creativity, making our family feel special with her little cards expressing the joy we brought to her life. In addition to this, she would work so hard in making sure that our table setting and environment represented a special day.

As we head into Thanksgiving, I wanted to share the joy and beauty my sister brings to the universe with her talent. Diana’s table creation encompasses love, joy and a feeling that connects us to the beauty around us. I am so blessed to spend the day with her engaging and learning her craft.

Gratitude table Thanksgiving dinner table decor

Initially, I asked Diana where do we start? When designing a table scape; I start with the feeling I want to create at the table. Is it: formal, casual, romantic, luxurious or modern?  Therefore, for this table we were going with romantic, casual with a touch of eclectic.

Next, think  about color. Thanksgiving is generally set in fall colors... For this one we are going outside the box. My inspiration came from pink floral linen that I had just purchased in a vintage outdoor market. My style is a fusion of vintage with modern flair. It merges one-of-a-kind items, giving a surprise element to your decor.

Gratitude table Thanksgiving dinner

Now let’s highlight the center piece. It brings the wow factor to the table. For this table, we are bringing the floras from the linen to life. Pinks and browns are employed in the seasonal blooms. A grouping of mix vases adds texture and scale to the table. Thrift stores are a great resource for one-of-a-kind items at a great price. The vases for this table came from a local thrift store. Stay with the feeling and color of your table theme.

Gratitude table Thanksgiving dinner

Since, the linen and centerpiece were very busy, I went with a very clean subdued color for the China and Napkins. A classic heirloom white China works beautifully. I also pair the Napkin with a Golden napkin ring. Yet, another family hand me down. This is the time to bring out all the family heirlooms. It shows the future generations the importance of tradition. Since, the theme was pink, my vintage pink glassware was a must. Use your personality when creating guest place cards. Having place cards makes your guest and family feel special. For this table, I use natural products such as persimmons to hold the guest cards. Adding a natural touch to the table.

Thanksgiving to me is about family and tradition. By treating my family as my special guests,  it demonstrates how much they are loved.

This Thanksgiving, treat your family as if they were your special guesst of honor. Give your family a beautiful table that highlights all the hard work that took place in the kitchen is a great way to activate your surroundings dimension.

Remember, we eat with our eyes!


Thank you hermanita for the inspiration! I love you…

Table design by Diana Oropeza | 

Diana brings over 15 years of event production and management experience; a large portion of which has been focused on the entertainment industry. Serving as Head of Events for Film Studios such as MBS Media Campus and Raleigh Studios.  Diana has enjoyed tremendous and consistent success managing events of all sizes and style, from the intimate to the extreme, for multiple organizations.
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