Chartres Finger Labyrinth for Mindfulness and Meditation. Reduce Stress with Labyrinth Finger Meditation. (Chartres Finger Labyrinth)

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  • STRESS RELIEF: Board can be used for meditation, prayer, relaxation, fun, and even fine motor skill tuning.
  • FINGER LABYRINTH: The user traces the path to the center using your finger. Used by many different cultures and religions for relaxation, meditation and prayer that can bring spiritual and emotional well-being to the lives.
  • FINGER BOARD: An ancient symbol relating to spiritual wholeness, with powerful patterns within a sphere that merge the sublime and beautiful; where symbolically heaven and earth meet. It is a complex pattern of great meaning.
  • FINGER LABYRINTH FOR MEDITATION: Finger Labyrinths are known to help children relax, feel better when they are sad or scared and help them to concentrate.
  • HAND LABYRINTH: The circle is fundamental, containing the essence of many other symbols; it is all about the sun and earth, the heavens and the moon and the movements of the sky, which happens in repetitive cycles.

Binding: Health and Beauty


Details: The labyrinth set into the floor stones in the nave of Chartres Cathedral may be the world’s most recognized and famous path, yet it is surrounded in mystery. The labyrinth at Chartres is a little over 42 feet in diameter, and is thought to have once been graced by an image of the Minotaur at its center (a motif common in mazes and labyrinths around the world). Our 12" bamboo version of the original will help you relax and take in the blissfulness and serenity as if you were onsite in France. Use this board when praying, mediating or simply to enjoy a tranquil moment to yourself. There have been many theories and elaborate mythology surrounding the original construction of the labyrinth. It is most likely constructed in the first decades of the 13th century, but no one knows for sure exactly when the labyrinth was made, no documents have been yet found, and little is known about the builders. Labyrinths are ancient patterns found all over the world. They are of many types sharing a single overall design. Their origin is as mysterious and their uses are as varied as their patterns are.

Package Dimensions: 12.7 x 12.6 x 0.8 inches

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