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Jennifer McDaniel - June 09, 2021
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I'm intentional about traveling light. But when I started on my Heroines Journey, it wasn't that way. I was carrying a lot of baggage. I had so much mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical weight weighing down on my heart and soul that there was no way I could take flight.  I was stuck on the runway.

In aviation, the pilot in command of the aircraft has the responsibility on every flight to know the maximum allowable weight of the plane and its cargo limits. If an airplane is heavier than its maximum gross weight, the airplane's… takeoff run will be longer because the takeoff speed will be higher. And the rate and angle of climb performance will be reduced. 

This same principle applies to us in life. If we are weighed down with too much baggage, it will be harder for us to take flight. The critical component to taking flight in a new direction is balancing the cargo and reducing the amount of baggage you're carrying with you. 

How can we stop the baggage from getting too heavy, and what can we do to lighten the load? The first step is to get clear about how we want to feel. We prioritize our care over everything else. We make a firm decision to let go of the thoughts and stop the behaviors and end the relationships that are way past their expiration date. It's part of the journey. It's a process. It's the work. And it's worth it. And if you're committed, little by little, your load will lighten, and you will find enough balance and momentum to fly again. Let's limit ourselves to one carry-on moving forward, Sis.❤️
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Jennifer McDaniel

Jennifer McDaniel is a well being strategist, ICF accredited professional coach. She has 25+ years of experience as a professional speaker, corporate trainer and a learning development leader in the beauty, health and wellness space.

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