Nurturing Your Relationship With Money

Jennifer McDaniel - April 28, 2020
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This post is written by our contributing writer, Adrienne Montgomery.


We nurture relationships with the people most important to us – our spouses, children, sisters, brothers, friends, partners, and lovers. Nurturing these relationships require us to be fully present and love with our whole hearts in order to experience the fullness of what is. We invest our time, energy to cultivate, support and nurture those relationships to ensure they are healthy and thriving. 

During this time of COVID19, the Shelter in Place ordinance has ironically blessed us with a little extra time and space to spend time with ourselves. Many have used this time to examine our lives from the “inside out” or the “outside in,” depending on one’s process. Old fears are being replaced with new thoughts and beliefs about one’s self from “I Can’t” TO “I Can.” Women are starting new businesses, old jobs that no longer support their growth are dissolving, we’re reconnecting with old friends and making new ones across cities, counties, states, and even the world has become paramount to our well-being and mindfulness.   

Contrasting the highs of our ability to connect, many people are also experiencing a lot of fear and uncertainty around their financial well-being due to instability of our economy, job loss, and the sudden inability to provide for our families. 

Maintaining a high state of financial well-being is important to stay balanced, even more today. Financial well-being means having a healthy and balanced relationship with your money and is connected to our beliefs, fears, insecurities, and aspirations. For instance, how we nurture our relationship with money is rooted in our beliefs of the past and feelings that were formed out of the experiences, both positive and negative. Money gives insight into bigger things that are going on in life. 

Money is a dynamic energy. The energy around money can show up and transfer in many ways. Depending on how the money is earned it can take on many different energetic forms. We feel a lot of emotions around money. Dealing with money can make us feel angry, happy, or sad. It does not matter how much or how little you have; it is about one’s beliefs attached to the money which makes us feel like we are living in financial lack, or financial abundance. 

With so much going on, being mindful of our relationship with money is important to your financial well-being. Taking the time to pay attention to how you are feeling when you buy something for yourself, eat out, or pay your bills will help you to identify your beliefs around money. You may find that this is the perfect time to go deeper and spend some extra time nurturing your relationship with your money. 

Adrienne Montgomery is the Managing Principal at Family Life and Legacy Practice Group. She is a passionate individual, who believes in the dynamic complexities of life insurance as a unique wealth creation tool. She enjoys partnering with families to build generational legacies one family at a time.  Adrienne currently holds a Master's degree in Business Administration and is currently studying for her Series 7 License. 
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